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"I suffered substantial pain in my right shoulder from playing polo. After about 3-4 sessions with Trish, not only did my shoulder begin to feel much better, but I could easily swing my polo mallet in an almost 360 degree arc again. Within about 4-6 weeks, I had regained all of my strength. I was amazed and became a regular client of hers. She is very observant of pain origin and tailors a massage regimen to especially fit the needs of the individual patient.  I wholeheartedly recommend her services -- as the best massage therpapst I have ever had the pleasure of working with."                             Jim King, Stockton, CA

"I went to Trish for Arvigo Maya Massage. I had heard about some of the benefits of it and I wanted to give it a try. I considered myself healthy, but I was on a mission to further work on my health (mind, body and spirit). I had a great session which included talking of personal goals, methods of improving feminine health and of course the massage. I expected just the massage, but Trish guided me to learn the Maya technique so I can do it myself at home. It has been awhile now, but I am happy to say that I had a healthy baby boy. I had explored several methods and made a variety of changes to improve my health and fertility. Maya massage was one of them. I highly recommend her and I only wish Trish lived closer to have another visit."

Gabrielle D., Stockton, CA 


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